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Appointed as a 'Hong Kong ambassador' by the local Tourism Board, Mak Chung Man is also an authoritative Qi Gong - Massage master, Tai Chi master and an experienced herb-picker, a renowned Chinese herbalist. Mak is passionate about Chinese medicine and he strives to make it thrive.

Out of serendipity, Master Mak started learning Chinese medicine, reflexive point massage, Taichi and Qi Gong from a monk since the age of 9. At 20, he went all the way to Cheung Chau Island to learn the skill of herb-picking being an apprentice of his mentor Mr. Pang Hong. He had to get up at four every morning to collect healing herbs day after day.

In his over 30 years of practice, Master Mak not only has tried every single Chinese herb he used, but also brought the ancient treatment of moxibustion to everybody’s attention. His passion for Chinese medicine and his extensive experiences have finally benefited those tormented by various sicknesses throughout the years.
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